St Andrews, a picturesque and historic seaside town, started as a fishing village circa 600 AD and has grown from a few hundred to almost 14,000 people today.  St Andrews, named after the patron saint of Scotland, is known world wide as the home of golf and equally so for its University, the oldest in Scotland, circa 1410 AD.  It is also known as Scotland’s premier cathedral city and, throughout the middle ages, for its role as the ecclesiastical centre of the Scottish Church.  The Relics of St Andrews were held here circa 732-761 AD, now lost in antiquity.

St Andrews is located in the Kingdom of Fife, 55 miles north of Edinburgh and 15 miles South of Dundee.  The surrounding countryside is diverse and varied with many of the small villages and towns displaying street plans that have survived for hundreds of years.   Notable is the intensity of farming in Fife with major crops of wheat, oats, barley, potatoes, many different varieties of vegetables and livestock.

St Andrews offers award wining, wide sandy beaches, diverse architecture, and seven golf courses including the famous Old Course.  These courses provide an impressive range of links golf that will challenge the skills of golfers of all ages and genders.  St Andrews is blessed with a mild and relatively dry climate as a result of its location between the River Forth, River Tay, several inland mountain ranges and the North Sea (as influenced by the  Golf Stream.

Our must see places include:

  • St Andrews Cathedral and Graveyard
  • The Harbour, The Pends Gate and Sea Yett
  • East Sands Swimming and Leisure Centre
  • St. Rule’s Tower
  • The Castle
  • Museum of St Andrews (MUSA)
  • Houses and Buildings along the Scores
  • St. Salvador’s Chapel & Quadrangle dating from 1450AD
  • St Andrews Aquarium
  • West Sands Award winning Beaches
  • St Andrews Botanical Gardens
  • St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum
  • Kinburn Park St Andrews Museum
  • Byre Theatre
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • All Saints Church
  • Secret Bunker

Whether you desire a quiet walk along the NE Fife Coastal Path, walk about the town to enjoy historic architecture. play golf or enjoy bird watching along the cliffs and sands, St Andrews and surrounding area offer a great deal of culture and diversity to, and for, everyone.